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Dirty Dancing Movie Analysis

Free «Dirty Dancing Movie Analysis» Essay Sample

Dirty Dancing is a famous romantic drama movie. It was directed by Emilie Ardolino with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey playing the leading roles. This movie has become a true sensation, and brought the huge amount of money to its producers despite a very low budget. Dirty Dancing is fascinating and sad, graceful and moral at the same time. Significantly, it became a massive box office hit without the famous stars in its cast. The following paper aims to analyze Dirty Dancing from different perspectives.

The plot of the story is a bit typical. An innocent and cute 17-year-old girl, whom everyone calls Baby, arrives at the resort in one of the very prestigious hotels. Baby has the good manners; she is superbly educated and trained. However, she still does not know how treacherous the world that surrounds her is. Baby is far from the problems because she has everything. Soon, she meets Johnny, whose dancing can arouse the most hidden and unfathomable desires. When Johnny is dancing, Baby’s heart starts pounding with excitement. Accustomed to the standard dances, such as the waltz and the similar ones, Baby is very shy, seeing the art of the dirty dancing. The fate gives her the chance to achieve her dream – Johnny’s partner, due to the certain circumstances, cannot dance, and Baby is the only one who can replace her. The young aristocrat will learn all the secrets of the art of dance, learning the art of the true love at the same time. Both actors are brilliant. Jennifer Grey is young, fresh, and charming in the role of Baby. She is very petite and fragile, but in spite of this defenseless appearance, Baby has a strong-willed character. Patrick Swayze is a brilliant, irresistible, and gorgeous actor. He is a courageous, self-confident man, and his dance is delightful. He has a plastic body that provides him with him the flexibility of movements. These are the reasons why I liked this character the best.

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Dirty Dancing virtually has no bad parts – it is a very bright and exquisite love story.  This movie is a good way to show that millions of dollars and computer graphics are not needed to create a masterpiece. Love and music are the only keys to success. The women from all over the world always dreamed of experiencing such emotions as Baby does during the first meeting with Johnny. Also, the role of family is crucial in the movie. Though all the family members are quite distant from each other physically, they can always provide the necessary support for each other. However, dancing is the best part of the movie. Dances here are sensual, emotional, energetic, passionate and beautiful. Innocence and vice are combined in the dance of Johnny and Baby. The sprightly rhythms of rumba, samba, and mambo make this movie a guide for everyone who has a dream to become a professional dancer.

This amazing, adorable, fascinating, and charming movie does not reveal some hidden mysteries, but it teaches that a person has to believe in his or her dreams. The director is trying to say that if you want to reach success, you should try to put as many efforts as possible, even if the whole world is against you. After watching the movie, I have learned that the beauty of the human body is expressed in movement, dance, and the beauty of the human soul in deeds and actions.

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Unlike the other popular movies on the dancing theme, Dirty Dancing teaches that life can be totally changed with every new melody. A person becomes self-confident and sensitive while dancing. One of the key advantages of this movie is that the actors, directors and producers managed to keep the fine line between the vulgarity and a beautiful story of love and passion. Some movies can be included into the world collection of cinematography. Indeed, Dirty Dancing deserves such fame. After all, the movie evokes so many emotions and feelings, that it is impossible to remain indifferent to the experiences of the characters. Without doubt, the actors, directors, screenwriters, composers, choreographers, designers and operators did a very professional job.

It should be pointed out that the movie is a totally American piece of cinematography. It perfectly shows the atmosphere of dirty 60th – the age of free minds and Cultural Revolution. Dirty Dancing greatly influenced my life because it helped to shape my worldview. Now, I understand that people should not be divided into good and bad ones, especially when it comes to money. This movie shows that every person is a unique individual with his or her dreams and desires. Indeed, such a movie could be produced only in America – the country of spiritual freedom. Also, it should be noted that Dirty Dancing inspired many people to follow their dream and learn to dance. The atmosphere of the movie is great, and the audience perceives it as a coherent, complete and incredibly memorable picture. Dirty Dancing lacks the excessive moralizing, cloying, and it does not seem artificial at all. It does not try to gloss over the love; it shows love as it is, with all its difficulties and challenges.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that this movie can be compared to a crystal bottle filled with expressive aroma. Dirty Dancing is about the real human relationships, the social differences, the flowering of the protests and free souls; it is about the incredibly erotic and hot rhythms of mambo and many other aspects. There are many movies about the art of dancing; however, Dirty Dancing seems the most popular masterpiece in the world cinematography. I highly recommend this movie to those who have not seen it yet. Apart from the aesthetic pleasure, one will discover how dancing can change a human life, how a man should behave towards a woman and how a person can become free of the social prejudices.

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