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Category: Law

Offender Profiling and Criminal Investigation

Offender profiling highlights the need for using inference about the nature of a criminal derived from particular aspects of a committed crime. The ap...

International Relations: The EU Antitrust Policy at the International Level

Introduction A policy refers to an initiative for actions that is undertaken by a person, a group, or government, while it can also be denoted as the...

Master Agreements

Introduction Master agreements are of critical importance for the financial commercial transactions. Internationally, the ISDA Master Agreement is by...

Juvenile Justice Policy Paper

Introduction At one time, it was a policy to remove Native American children from their homes and place them in residential schools. It was a way thr...

Challenges that Law Enforcement Officers Face in the Light of Technological Advances

Challenges that Law Enforcement Officers Have Faced In the Light of Technological Advances The first challenge the law enforcement officers face as...

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