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Category: Philosophy

Confucian Renovation Four Dimensions

Confucian tradition can be defined as East Asian philosophical dialogue. Confucian philosophy is said to have begun in the middle of 9th century. It reached…

Substance Dualism and Materialism: John Locke and David Hume

Table of Contents Descartes’ Substance Dualism Materialism Substance Dualism in Comparison with Materialism The Problem of Personal Identity Related Free Philosophy Essays Descartes’ Substance Dualism…

Mencius on Human Nature

Table of Contents Mencius on Human Nature Opponents’ Argument Reasons to Accept Mencius Position on Human Nature Conclusion Related Free Philosophy Essays Mencius (Mengzi) well…

Philosophy: Sex, Conquest, and Communication

Karol Wojtyla published his book Love and Responsibility in 1960 in Polish, and later it was translated into English in 1981. It is a fantastic…

The Problem of Evil

The problem of defining evil has gained a great popularity in modern society. People all over the world find it difficult enough to explain what…
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