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Parents as Collaborators at School

Free «Parents as Collaborators at School» Essay Sample

When a child is in elementary school, parents devote much time to helping him or her to study. In a while, they let their child be more independent when he or she learns to be a responsible individual. Becoming a child’s collaborator at school is a way to be more involved in his or her studying process without putting any pressure. Parents as collaborators can help during experiments, become a part of a team, learn something new, make their children happier because of their presence at school, and watch their children’s progress.

If parents come to school as collaborators, they can assist their child in performing an experiment. Children often have experiments during biology and chemistry classes, and to have an extra pair of hands can be rather advantageous. A child can be nervous during experiments. In this case, the presence of parents can calm down a child, especially if they find the right words for a child to feel more self-confident. I would have been glad if my parents had helped me to conduct an experiment. We rarely had a chance to do something together, so such an experience would have been valuable.

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If parents act as collaborators at school, they become a part of a team, and it is very beneficial for both children and their parents. Parents may find it advantageous that they can forget about their real-world problems for several hours and be a part of children’s team. This experience can also remind them of their childhood, and it is nice to do it from time to time. If parents are on a team, a child can feel support and cope better with certain tasks. My parents and I have always been a team because supporting each other is a must in our family. I think that such collaboration would have made our connection as a team stronger.

School can also help parents learn. For example, some parents do not speak English. Visiting school as collaborators can be a good practice for those who would like to improve their English skills. Moreover, it can be interesting for parents to discover the way children learn today. Nowadays teaching methods differ from the ones that existed several decades ago; therefore, parents may like learning them. I wish my parents had observed the extent to which the studying process was computer assisted. They would have been astonished and they would have valued such an experience.

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Each child would love to see his or her parents at school. Their presence would be like a holiday for children – they would be delighted to show parents where they sit and how they perform during classes. Visiting school for collaboration can also help parents to become more active. Naturally, most of the parents’ lives are rather routine, consequently, this experience can be rather unforgettable and refreshing. I was always glad when my parents came to school. I also remember that there was an instance when my mother had promised to come to school, but she had to stay at work. Considering that I was extremely upset then, I would have valued if my parents could have visited the school for collaboration.

Finally, going to school for collaboration allows parents to notice some problems related to their child’s studies if such exist. Maybe a child hesitates to tell parents that he or she has a difficulty in mathematics. Children often fear that parents will scold them for receiving bad marks. Thus, parents can solve such problems by hiring a tutor or asking for classmates’ assistance. My parents were always concerned about my academic progress, and when they came to school, they always talked to teachers about it. Therefore, I always felt their support, and it was advantageous for my studies.

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To summarize, children and their parents can benefit from collaboration at school. Parents will have a chance to observe what kinds of assignments their children have, help them perform certain tasks, learn much new information, and notice if their child needs aid in studies. Children will feel their parents’ love and support and they will be glad to spend more time together.

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