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The Vulnerable Population: The Elderly

Free «The Vulnerable Population: The Elderly» Essay Sample

The elderly people are notably vulnerable to diverse issues in any workplace. After expressing a great concern and accomplishing a profound research, it became evident that the main barriers existing in the adult’s place of employment include the lack of education, different modes of communication, and the advanced technology. Therefore, the resolution to educate this targeted group is based on the suggestions and decisions of the qualified staff members; including health care assistants, maintenance personnel, cancelers, and Qualified Nurses. The objective of this teaching initiative is to create the awareness of the elderly population as well as educate the public about this vulnerable group and the hardships it encounters. In this regard, the primary tool intended to use is the group discussion and empowerment. In the debate, one of the participants is supposed to explain to the target group the issues regarding the elderly as a vulnerable population. The groups will discuss several topics including the definition of a vulnerable population, challenges and myths, and the ways to provide a positive health care to the older people.

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Vulnerable populations are denoted as the group of individuals whose integration into the healthcare environment is not clear, due to economic, ethnic, health, and even geographic factors. This disparity places such members at risk of not obtaining the necessary medical attention; a factor that constitutes an impending threat to their immediate health. Exclusively, vulnerable members of the population are the most affected in the society. The young, the disabled, and those who can be termed as religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities are also falling under this classification. In involving the clinical outreach, therefore, the implications transcend the mere assumption of the role of a person who benefits the others and who diminish themselves and their role in the society to rescue those afflicted from their woes (Almgren, 2012). Consequently, it is wise to consider the two key realities: an understanding of the correlation between these populations and the socio-economical threats they face on a regular basis of their daily life. On the other hand, approaching them may be of extreme importance, as it will allow to discover what kind of situations they are subjected to at the lower level. To obtain this, however, waiting for people to address for the assistance themselves is extremely wasteful. Apparently, offering free medications to communities is the only possible solution.

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In this research, vulnerability shows the increased risk, or rather, susceptibility to health risks. According to de Chesnay and Anderson (2012), an individual or group is considered at a higher risk of illness in the instance when their emotional, social, psychological or physical health is at stake. The factors contributing to heightened risks for any of these groups are based on gender, age, personal, demographic, and even cultural backgrounds. An emergent classification in this category extends to include those whose health care needs are above average or those who are at a higher-than-normal risk of health care access demand and thus the subsequent poor health conditions (Chesney & Anderson, 2012).

Most of the medical expenses are characterized by a large number in the states’ finance. Besides, the burden is increasingly high to bargain savings within such programs as public health, Medicaid, and public welfare plans, along with the necessity to protect against impending budget slashes in crucial investments in these programs and these facilities. Despite how much the cost-benefit analysis or the public health case for a platform to assist the vulnerable is, the disputable risk is within the policy makers’ allowed range (Almgren, 2012). As the point above shows, every private-sector contract can be usable and renewable; otherwise the public-sector budget cycle goes through an annual struggle to limit the reductions or eliminates them at all. The state and federal administrators are expected to make computations between healthcare and other government reserves in the resource allocation process. The choices within these health programs, in particular the areas such as services provision, which categories to serve, and just how strong such services are expected to be are also included in this series. In this regard, resource availability becomes the motivation in resolutions relating to the care for the vulnerable adults in particular. The reality in this research is showing how the policy makers’ bias as well as exposing the barriers are encountered by those fighting for the wellbeing of the vulnerable elderly population (Barr, 2011).

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Again, the pressure endures soaring, and when that burden comes, the question of who merits help and who does not, often overpowers the deliberation to the point that most public health arguments and scientific findings often reveal themselves later. The simpler way to overcome the burden is to apply the measures such as increasing delivery structures, re-checking the related efficiency of treatments, in addition to supervising care more frequently. Therefore, if budget is exceeded, or an average rate of estimation is emphasized, the burden incredibly increases. Following this clear conceptualization of clients’ hardships, healthcare professionals can deliver more suitable and self-serving medications that are appropriate for the clients’ perspectives and standards (Chesney & Anderson, 2012). Using the framework of their clinical roles and duties changes the work of healthcare professionals, making it more progressive, increasing their connection to both their clients as well as the world. The ability to interact with the vulnerable adults irrespective of where they come from or to which race they belong, encouraging understanding between them to make a change to their lives lies in this perspective. We can either appreciate it or even if we do not, health facilities and health care for vulnerable citizens are well adjusted since they give an appropriate education to help them stabilize their economic status including primary schooling with the aim to instill self-understanding and awareness in them (Chesney & Anderson, 2012). Thus, there is a need to offer support to the extremely vulnerable, youth or disabled groups and families so as not to make them feel a burden or they are for any reason neglected.

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The initial and rather superficial engagement with the medical facilities or related fields highlights the urgent need for more health care for the elderly. With a wide variety of their ages, the elderly need a tremendous support both physically, financially and socially to create a conducive environment for healthy living for them. The nursing home is, therefore, a place of peace and care as well as socialization of the vulnerable people (Barr, 2011).

At their employment areas, the elderly do not receive equal payment due to their inability to perform with the same degree of speed and expertise as others. This makes them more vulnerable as they feel it is as a mistreatment towards themselves. In addition, they become emotionally affected, thus getting depressed. According to Barr (2011), there is need to establish many nursing homes where older people can be taken care of, both health-wise, socially, and financially to prevent them from being depressed (Almgren, 2012). Other than taking them to the nursing homes, their families especially the young ones, should be educated and trained on how to treat the adults. Therefore, there is great need of educating every person in the society on how to manage the vulnerable individuals.

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To conclude, families that provide care for the elderly population are involved both physically and emotionally in the process. Taking care of the elderly requires a lot of attention. Most of the people who provide similar services have their day jobs along with being able to support the elderly. Balancing in between can be a tasking experience for them. The challenges arise if the person taking care of the elderly has an illness or disability that makes meeting the physical needs of the elderly almost impossible. In some situations, the families have to use their finances in the case that specialized medical care or even nursing are required. This is, therefore, the reason for research in this area to be done to invent useful strategies and solutions to cater for specialized healthcare for the elderly in order to improve their lives both locally and nationally.

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