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Non-Faith Based Reasons to Study Christian Theology

Free «Non-Faith Based Reasons to Study Christian Theology» Essay Sample

Normally, humans start studying Christian theology because they believe in God and seek to enrich their knowledge about Him. However, there are also some non-faith based reasons for learning theology. This paper will discuss intellectual, social, and political perspectives for acquiring knowledge in this subject. Christian theology should be studied as it allows developing analytical skills as well as reaching understanding in the society and between different countries.

From the social perspective, Christian theology is highly important since the Biblical texts contain recommendations of reaching understanding with the society. Thus, the learners of theology realize that it is necessary not to violate the law of love, which means that humans have to love their neighbors the same they love themselves (Niebuhr 102). It is a complicated task because individuals have to deal with their pride and selfishness. In addition, people must not steal, lie, make idols, kill someone, or have intimate relationships with married people. Moreover, it is crucial that Christianity gives the resource to love others (Niebuhr 103). Therefore, a deep analysis of Christianity helps a person to reach harmony inside as well as in relationships with other people. If all humans loved all their neighbors, the society would live in peace.

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Christian theology contributes to the development of analytical and interpretative skills as well as critical thinking. The Bible contains many symbols; therefore, it is necessary to read the Christian texts many times in order to understand the main message. This fact proves that Christian theology is useful for human intellectual development. For example, it could be difficult for ordinary people to understand how Christ could speak to a prostitute. Only intensive thinking process helps to realize that God loves people not for their actions. His love is unconditional; therefore, when the woman comes and starts washing His legs using her hair and tears, He accepts this action. Thus, people studying Christian theology need to apply all their knowledge, skills and abilities to interpret the Biblical texts. Sometimes, Christ’s behavior contradicts the logics (for example, in the incident with the prostitute), which is a positive factor for intellectual development because theologians have to raise the level of their consciousness. Moreover, each story could have numerous meanings; consequently, the researcher of Christianity should refine himself to be able to find all the senses.

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Christian theology reveals humanistic approaches to address political challenges. Nowadays, the world suffers from various political conflicts on national and global levels. For example, the countries still continue wars to gain more territory and power or to revenge. Learning Christian theology would end the conflicts since the Bible teaches people to forgive their enemies. In addition, it encourages humans to love and pray for their opponents (Moser and McFall 156). The Christian texts teach people to love everyone without paying attention to nationality, race, or behavior. In other words, from the Holy Writ, people learn to love unconditionally and even to sacrifice their lives for others if necessary. Moreover, it forbids people to steal. This rule is beneficial from the perspective of international politics judging the states conquering the territories of their neighbors. Therefore, Christian theology is a source of rules, which helps nations to find understanding on various levels.

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In conclusion, studying Christian theology helps reach harmony in relationships between individuals and countries in general. Christianity teaches people to love their neighbors and explains the ways to achieve this goal. The learners of Christian theology can analyze the behavior of Christ and follow Him. Such approach helps people gain the ability to love unconditionally, which is necessary for accepting individuals and feeling internal harmony. Moreover, studying Christian theology is a helpful tool for intellectual development. The Biblical texts can have various interpretations.

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