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Organizational Communication

Free «Organizational Communication» Essay Sample

Communication is vital for the smooth running of any organization. It is through effective communication that various departments are able to define and understand their responsibilities (Hynes, 2011). Effective interdepartmental communication, in its turn, is helpful in ensuring that the various departments are able to work in a complementary manner toward the realization of the organization’s goals. Lack of effective interdepartmental communication not only leads to incoherence but also to serious inefficiencies in any company.

The case at hand demonstrates a situation where there is poor or little interdepartmental communication that has led the company to being reactive to issues pertaining its customers’ demands. The problem is fully eminent when it comes to communication between Internet Department and Communications/Customer Service (CCS) where there is no communication between them despite the fact that they are the parts of in the same division.

Vertical network (2 points) is very poor in the company because, despite the communication problems facing two departments of the same division exist, the top management is not aware of it. This is a demonstration of how ineffective the vertical communication is in the organization.

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Horizontal network (1 point) is the least effective based on the constant lack of communication between two departments, namely Internet Department and Communications/Customer Service (CCS). The latter has always been surprised with the former which never informs it before making upgrades in the company’s website.

The mark for external networks is 5 points. The company has been making constant changes in its site that has enabled shareholders to get more information about their investments using the site. It is also clear that the firm is aiming at improving its experience by modifying the website in a manner that will support a more sophisticated financial transaction.

The best way of improving organizational communication is through the creation of avenues where there is increased information exchange between various departments (Hynes, 2011). The problem at hand involves the vertical and horizontal networks. In terms of the former, there is the need for the management to have sequenced exchange programs with all the heads of divisions and their respective heads of departments. This process will provide a platform where issues are openly discussed by all leaders who, in turn, will inform their subordinates. The result is that all relevant information will be availed to the relevant departments in a timely manner.

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The horizontal network is demonstrated as the most inefficient. The lack of communication between the Internet Department and the Communications/Customer Service (CCS) has led to very dissatisfied customers who complained a lot due to inefficiencies of the recent website upgrade. To prevent this happening again, there is a need to have an occasional meeting of department heads who must ensure the “act of surprise” is eliminated within the intertwined departments.

McGuire needs to ensure an agreed upon platform is created between the two departments where the two heads can meet and have a constructive dialogue. This can be interdepartmental meeting for both teams or just McGuire and the Internet Development team head. The goal is to create a platform where there is better interaction between the two departments.

It is of great importance to ensure the top management is involved in communication process because of the great influence it has on the organizational culture and  the nature of the flow of information (Hynes, 2011). Having top managers involved will ensure that the steps taken are abided by all parties thereby safeguarding their observance.

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The image of a company is very important when it comes to winning the hearts of the customers (Hynes, 2011). Therefore, with the grapevine making fun of the conflict between two departments of the organization there is a high possibility of the firm at hand having a poor public image. This will not only damage its possibility to lure more customers but also prospective shareholders. It is essential to look for a quick remedy to the issue to uphold the company’s credibility and image.

The case at hand seems to undermine what the system theory perceives an organization to be. This approach argues that a company is a system that supports a productive process that yields desired goals. It is also the argument of the theory that an organization is a system whereby there is healthy permeability between its components to allow an exchange of ideas (Schulz, 2010). The lack of effective communication in the company at hand is clearly undermining its capability of meeting its objective. This is evident through the high level of complaints about the recent additions made on the website.

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It is the assertion of cultural theory that any organization has its culture that is obvious in different undertakings done within the company. The approach demands that for an organization to operate. If the firm from the case wants to survive, it must have a culture that every player within it respects (Schulz, 2010). The case at hand demonstrates the company as lacking clear culture in terms of communication. It brings about ambiguity on what is expected from employees thereby endangering the future of the company. There is the need for the firm to have a coordinated manner of communication.

The critical theory asserts that communication is of a paramount importance to guarantee the functioning of the company. It is communication that helps bind together all the players within an organization. Besides, the theory argues that it is effective communication that enables a firm to be productive and democratic (Schulz, 2010). Based on these assertions, the happenings at the company at hand undermine its perpetuity, productivity and democracy. The theory also argues that indeed communication can distort the decision making within an organization. This is heavily evident in the company making decisions in a reactive manner rather than proactive due to lack of communication between Internet Department and Communications/Customer Service (CCS). The above illustrations clearly demonstrate that ensuring the perpetuity and productivity of the firm, it is essential to enhance interdepartmental communication and overall organizational communication.

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