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Greed Is Good for Society

Free «Greed Is Good for Society» Essay Sample

Greed is good for society as it motivates people to move forward and to evolve. People should not be afraid of greed since it positively influences them. It helps to achieve more goals. This essay aims to examine the reasons why greed is good for people. Moreover, it focuses on the positive sides of greed and shows how it can influence the society. Greed can have different forms, including greed for life, for money, power, and wealth, for love, and for knowledge. Any kind of greed is right as it encourages developmentand improvement. Greed can be characterized as timeless and widespread. Furthermore, it motivates people, inspires them to reach the new heights. In fact, greed is common, and only a few people want todevote theirlives to volunteeringorservingothers.The majority wishes to increasetheir income and improve their lives.

Capitalism created the society founded on greed. In fact, healthy greed is the basis of capitalism. In case government did not integrate free market, it would be hard to see the good qualities of greed. Capitalism is a pursuit of profit, and without greed, current economic and social structures would collapse. Many specialists in the sphere of economics argue that greed produces desirable economic results in most cases and conditions. Greed prevails all human motivators. Many organizations, which define their main goal as altruism, have simply bankrupted. Selflessness and dedication are neither good for for the well-being of others, nor for the progress of the society. Nobody can construct a successful society in which common altruism prevails over personal greed (Robinson & Murphy, 2009). America has achieved superiority due to its greed economics. The USA does not have tax and labor restrictions. That is why greed can prosper, and the society can take advantage of it (Robinson & Murphy, 2009).

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Most people work only for a living. They earn money and are happy to be the breadwinners. The image of hard-working people who work to ensure the welfare of their families is very touching. Such people devote their time and lives to their families and the community. They are reputable members of the society. Moreover, in the eyes of their families, they are heroes. However, their existence lacks progress and self-improvement. Eventually there comes a time when people begin to realize that they can live better, that they have a higher potential to earn more money. When people understand the clear distinction between the need and the desire, they become ambitious, thus, earn more. Nevertheless, it is still important not to let greed get out of control.

In his work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Weber, who is a talented analyst, writes that some believe that capitalism is impossible without greed. However, the author gives arguments against this view (Weber, 2013). All the economic systems have greedy people regardless of the type of society. According to Weber, greed is not a typical feature of capitalism. It neither is the reason for capitalism nor is it affected by it. People have always been materialistic. Moreover, they are thirsty for money, for pleasures and better life. There are three principal features of capitalism. Firstly, it is a rational industrial organization, which does not chase risky opportunities. Secondly, it is a clear division of responsibilities; business must be apart from household. Thirdly, accounting must be rational. Therefore, capitalism is more than greed. According to its ethics, people’s work must be meaningful.

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The phrase “greed is good” was popular in the motion picture Wall Street. In corporative world, greed was widespread and out of control. Everyone encouraged and praised it. The 1980s is the decade of greed (Robinson & Murphy, 2009). It was the beginning of a period, when people focused on self-development and personal survival. People ceased to be silent about their desire for money and began to act. Wall Street, the center of American capitalism, would not be able to develop without greed. There will be no hedge funds or securities traders that drive the American financial system. The prices depend on revenues, which mean the net profit. Without it, there is no equity market, no Wall Street, and no financial system (Robinson & Murphy, 2009). In economics, greed is the desire for more money. With greed, the market will always be progressive and stable. The profit motivation drives economics. Without it, there would be fewer innovations and less economic growth.

The works of a Renaissance thinker Niccolo Machiavelli provide the key to a successful corporate management. In his famous work The Prince, Machiavelli attempted to create an image of a perfect prince and to convey this image to the readers. A prince should attempt to come to power using his personal traits and merits (Machiavelli et al., 1997). It is be easier to rise to the top with the help of parents or friends, but it is harder to stay afloat. Self-improvement, greed, and sometimes cruelty, if used when necessary, can be good for a ruler and for the whole society. Machiavellian prince could have made use of many techniques of his time to create a strong and stable government. Machiavelli’s philosophy, as well as Confucius’s, was built on similar principles. According to them, people’s welfare depends on the stability of government. The Prince supports an argument for cold-heartedness and greed in politics. Their ideas about the successful society are useful for modern the companies even nowadays. The person who leads the country must not be weak. Niccolo believes that financial greed can encourage people and consequently change their lives (Machiavelli et al., 1997). However, they often are happy with what they have; they do not aspire, do not seek for a better life due to fear or laziness. However, those who have achieved more, who have obtained some power or wealth, are more ambitious and emulous.

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