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Category: Informative

Childhood: Questions and Answers

What is the general food timeline for a child in the first two years? In the first two years of growth, children consume soft food other than br...

Nervous Systems

Human brain is an important part of the nervous system, and it is responsible for different actions of organism. Different parts of the brain control ...

Deep Sea Drilling Accidents

Introduction The deep sea drilling is the process of gas and oil exploration. There are approximately 3400 deepwater wells with depths more than 150...

The Extraterrestrial Life in the Solar System

Scientists conduct a targeted search for alien life in the Solar System and beyond since the second half of the 20th century. According to current sci...


3. In Greek and Roman myths, warriors often display heroic traits of character. They are often courageous and fearless, but even these brave heroes ha...

The Colosseum

Architecture played a central role in the Roman period of ancient art. Romanian monuments are still conquering the imagination of tourists with their ...

Religion in India

India is an ancient country that is characterized by national, cultural, and religious diversity. Religions with the largest number of followers are H...
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